1st Swedish Looping Festival 2003

We presented the first Live Looping festival of Sweden between May 16 to June 4 2003. It was a touring festival based around the three musicians Rick Walker (USA), Matthias Grob (Brazil) and Per Boysen (Sweden). The trio troured suitable venues where local musicians were invited to participate in the show. Some workshops were arranged along the way, public as well as in collaboration with certain music schools.

What is Live Looping?
A loop is a repeating movement. We are creating music on the fly by putting sounds into loops, nothing is pre-recorded. The loops can be of different length for interesting polyrhythmic effects. A loop doesn't have to be static either, it can grow and evolve all through the entire concert. Apart from the instruments played, looping musicians often make use of electronic real-time looping devices to record and manipulate loops. While playing instruments with your hands, mouth and lungs you are using your feet to record, loop, cut, paste and manipulate audio - thus constructing new music while you keep on playing on top of it. It becomes especially exciting when many musicians "sync" their looping rigs on stage, while playing together.

A new way of listening
For an audience a Live Looping concert can be an increadibly inspiring experience. You are not presented a "finished piece of music", as by the traditional concert form of playing back already composed music. At a Live Looping show you are able to follow in detail how each musician is adding his parts to the music - note for note, loop for loop. It's like an instantly evolving ritual of magic that never repeats itself.

Press, promoters and other interested can contact:
Per Boysen (08 - 34 11 81, 070 441 67 13) per@boysen.se
Rick Walker (USA 831) 425-8659 GLOBAL@cruzio.com
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Rick Walker, composer, multi-Instrumentalist and master percussionist/drummer, has been on the cutting edge of music for the last 25 years. One of the original founding architects of the WORLD BEAT movement he plays well over 1,000 global percussion instruments. He is studied in West African, Caribbean, Brazilian, Middle-Eastern, Indonesian, Indian, European, Celtic, and North American schools of rhythm. Rick also has a fascinating repertoire of unusual and exotic vocal techniques at his command; overtone singing, mouth percussion, yodeling and pygmy bottle blowing/falsetto singing. Rick Walker's has performed to 10,000 ravers and thinks of Live Looping as "the folk music of the future".

Matthias Grob was quick to announce that he wants to join this tour, spreading the Live Looping Germ over Sweden. We are of course very happy about that, not only because Matthias is a brilliant musician but also since he is the inventor of most loopers tool of choice, the Echoplex Digital Pro, This brilliant vision downloaded into his brain as early as 1987 and he struggled hard to finally see it manufactured by Oberheim and Gibson. Born in Switzerland Matthias moved on to Brazil where he is now keeping busy in his development laboratory, when not touring the planet with his custom made Paradis Elegy guitar and two Echoplexes.

Per Boysen started in 1984 to play out with digital "hold delays" for looping, tenor saxophone and electric guitar. His experimenting with improvisational techniques, electronics and different concert formats has proceeded in parallel with other engagements in the realms of art performance and film music. Other musical worlds he has penetrated are "The World of Studio Musicians" (played on the gold selling LeMarc album) as well as "The Commercial Record Artist World" (Plastico, multi national release in 1996). He is also teaching, writing books and speaking at seminars. Since the start in 1997 Per Boysen has been co-editing the Scandinavian guitar magazine FUZZ.

Biography - CD loop.pool


  Biography - www.boysen.se

Swedish and international press coverage:

Turnéstart i Götet
FUZZ gitarrmagasin

Swedish television program "Musikspegeln"
spent a whole day with us
to shot a documentary to be broadcasted later this autumn.

CNN "The Music Room" did interviews and filmed two solo sets
performed by Matthias Grob and Per Boysen at Stockholm Electronica.