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Nanetora (Per Boysen & Costas Andreou, 2008). This album is the first fruit of a long distance collaboration between Per Boysen (Sweden) and Costas Andreou (Greece). Defying the physical distance, the duo's music has its space and time delimited by human interaction in a dynamic musical meeting. Filters become notes and notes become filters, as two brushes drip colors over a 3D canvas. We like this album so much that we gave it a dedicated web site with full pre listening clips and cover art display:

More on Art Of Leadship... Civitas Urbanus (2007, boysen musik media internet). 2007 is an important year. For the first time in human history more people are living in cities, compared to living in other areas on the planet's surface. I let this amazing fact inspire me during the difficult task of cutting down one year of musical exploration to less than one hour. This is the second album I'm releasing under a Creative Commons license and it's available online as donationware, as paid download and as CD on demand.

Oooh (2006). This album's sub title Abstract Experimental Yet Catchy does well catch the music and concept. Thirteen solo pieces for tenor sax, alto traverse flute or the electric guitar. Interactive electronics played by feet while the physical instrument is played by hand and mouth. Voilà - instant freeform electronic Da-Da! This is the first album I'm releasing under a Creative Commons license and it's instantly available online as donationware, as paid download and as CD on demand.

More on Art Of Leadship... Art Of Leadership (2006, Licensed to Noden Recordings). This second collaborations with Brittish speaker David Cowley is produced as an art movie DVD with movies by Swedish multi media video artist Samuel Poromaa. The DVD relies on original music by Per Boysen in the 5.1 five channel surround format all through. Purchase this product at the Noden Webshop. An expanded version is offered as part of the management education event licensing program by Noden, "Reflective Learning".

Organisational Culture Loops (2004. Licensed to Noden Recordings) Collaboration with Brittish speaker David Cowley. Initiated by Noden, acting as the curator. Crossover electronica with live-looping of sax and guitar, animated spoken word.
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2003 CDR. Happy Ocean. 62 minutes of live looping improvisations using electric guitar, tenor saxophone and two loop based real-time samplers. All instrumental electronica except for one track that is featuring Eva Almér on improvised vocals.

Svinsax (2002 CDR) Live looping with just a tenor saxophone. Recorded directly to stereo DAT.

2002 CDR.
No Talking Drum.
42 minutes live looping concert recorded at Kulturhuset, Stockholm, directly to stereo DAT. Instrument used: Stratocaster electric guitar and two looping devices.

Trashing Everything Getting Rid of The Rest (2000 CDR) Summing up some electro-acoustic works. Software instruments used together with with physical instruments.

Pluck Per Boysen (1998) Sampling CD for producers that want to fly some axe into their brew. Product info. Manufacturing and distribution licensed to

artway Artway Soundtrack (2000 CDR) 16 minutes full version. Originially 4-track sourround the music is now remixed for ordinary stereo playback. At the exibition the audience stepped into the box of four screens to listen by four loudspeakers while watching the movie.

Black Paddy, EPBlack Paddy (1998 CDR) Documentation of a party band clashing african beats into keltic melodies.

Plastico album, Brazil press The Plastico Album (1996). Signed by Telegram, refined by Warner and released by MNW in Europe, south east Asia and South America. Also partnering with Edel Records for some territories.

Communicate, single, Germany Communicate (1996) Edel (German Licensee), single. Eskimos & Egypt mix. Headquake Hazy Cloud mix.

Vinyl mix by Eskimos n EgyptCommunicate (MNW 1996). Vinyl, dance mixes by Eskimos & Egypt.

Educate The Fool, singleEducate The Fool (MNW 1995). CD single.

Communicate, singleCommunicate (Telegram Records/Time Warner, 1994) single. Mixed in London by Ian Richardson and Nick Coler that used to work with the KLF.

Vinyl mix by SweMixCommunicate (WEA 1994). Vinyl print inlcuding club mixes by Jj at SweMix.

Absolute Dance 4Absolute Dance (EVA Records 1994) album sampler. One Plastico track submitted: "Communicate".

OusuMaryama, Ousu Lion Njie (SLASK Records 1994) single. Producer team Modern Tribe Music was Per Boysen and Eric Forsmark. An album was also produced. Master tapes lost. Pirate copied albums keep selling well in Africa, we hear... Ousu unfortunatley checked out from the planet a while back. A beloved friend and a great artist!

LeMarc Album87Peter LeMarc (MNW 1987) album. Sold gold and gave the artist his big break. Rereleased on CD and samplers. I was involved as studio musician and tour musician, playing the guitar.

typography by mirra vekSilent Rumble (Boysen 1986) Cassette tape release. Duo music by Tapio Remes and Per Boysen. Live looping on cheap digital delays with a hold pedal function. Beautiful noise that would be filed as "gothic", "industrial" or "dark ambient" if released today. See, the eighties wasn't just about tasteless fashion and stupid haircuts ;-)

HopkokHopkok (PMF 1975) vinyl album sampler. Five bands launching this together. A true indie quest.

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Per Boysen & Costas Andreou releases the album Nanetora.