Boysen Wagner Duo

Sound Fiction

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20 min podcast mix of this 60 min recording (19 MB)
Loopfestival Zürich 2005
Bernhard Wagner's web site
Per Boysen's Looproom

We decided to call this live recording Sound Fiction because that's what this type of music means to most people; Sound telling a true story about a possible universe. Another thing that makes us particularly happy with this improvisation is that it's so very happening in terms of direction and communication. The full, one hour, session is eventually to be offered on CD but for starters we are publishing a 20 minutes podcast mix for free. Enjoy!
/ Per Boysen and Bernhard Wagner.

--> Background
In august 2005 Bernhard Wagner arranged and produced the first Loopfestival Zürich. For three days dozens of live looping artists from all over the world performed at the Moods venue and one of them was Per Boysen, coming down from Sweden. Bernhard himself did not perform at the festival, but since the Boysen Wagner Duo had been successfully going for already one year they wanted to at least meet up for a recording session. Bernhard managed to book a session room at Werkstatt für Improvisierte Musik Zürich and they set up and played under an extremely tight time schedule. Per had to leave for the airport in one hour so there was no time for talking; it was kind of setting up, press record and play for one hour.

--> About the Enhanced Podcast format
The Sound Fiction podcast episode also carries a picture slide show, synced to the music. Open the "Now Playing" window at the lower left in iTunes to see the slide show. The podcast is also linking from iTunes to this web page - a great service for podcast subscribers!

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--> MP3 version
If you don't want slide shows and fancy nifty apple goodies there is a plain oldschool mp3 file avaialble for download here (23 MB).

--> About instruments and gear used
Per plays alto traverse flute, electric guitar and sings through a TC Electronics FireworX effect processor. Does live looping with a Gibson Echoplex and the plug-in Augustus Loop hosted by Ableton Live on an Apple Powerbook.

Bernhard plays electric guitar and sings. Does live looping with a Gibson Echoplex connected into the effect loop of a Lexicon MPX G2 and tap dances over a "carpet" of effect pedals. Read more about his effect pedal board here!

Some comments on the session from Bernhard:

I used my first electric guitar I ever owned, a thorough Japanese luxor  Telecaster imitation. I had put on new strings for that recording and it  was the first time that I was using the new Kinman pickups recommended to  me by guitar wizard Bill Walker. This created a new sound from my dear old  guitar, which inspired me a lot and there are some playing techniques on  the recording that I wouldn't know how to reproduce.

Quite at the beginning of the podcast (at 1:36 to be precise) you might instinctively turn the volume down and run around your flat looking for your cell phone. You'd be mistaken as it wouldn't be your cell phone ringing. However, it was a cell phone: It was mine with Bill Walker calling, who I'd meet after Per had left for the airport.

There are a few more of these "happy accidents" occurring in the recording. Another one was: Per and I had connected our Echoplexes via Midi to synchronize them. However, we didn't make sure we were using different MIDI channels. So at some point, Per muted his loop and accidentally did the same with mine. When he turned his loop back on, mine would come back, too, which resulted in a perfect dramatic rise at that particular moment in our piece.

The important thing to me in both incidents is: Neither Per nor I let ourselves be distracted by them. We just went on playing. My thinking was, ok, we will edit out these parts, let's just move on. Only ending up with some of my dearest moments of this recording!