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New CD: Beyond the Beyond and Further Beyond…

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Instrumental music by Per Boysen for electric string instruments in orchestration.

Big thanks to Emmett Chapman and Tim Donahue for inventing and building magical music instruments! On this solo album I’m playing the 12-stringed Chapman Stick Guitar on most pieces, quite a lot NS 5-stringed Cello, some Steel Guitar and Fretless Harp Guitar. For the sparse string orchestra sweetening I want to thank the guys behind and LA Scoring Strings.
CDs available at Stick Enterprises, BandCamp, CD Baby and some other places.

Downloadable digital formats available at BandCamp, CD Baby and iTunes.

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Henry the Seal – live version video

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Performed by Per Boysen on twelve-stringed Stick Guitar and Fractal Audio AxeFx II. This is a free-form scuba live version, the main album version is different.

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Art film soundtrack: Tenor Sax live looping

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Pose in Ivana – Reinvention of pose from Heidi on Vimeo.

Here’s a nice film that uses music I created by playing my Tenor Sax and Mobius looper; i.e. my “meta instrument for live looping”. This approach to live looping is different than the typical “Boss looping pedal layering” technique in that it draws on the methods discovered in the fifties by the folks involved with Musique Concrete at IRCAM in Paris (as well as the San Fransisco Tape Music Centre). Everything Pierre Schaeffer could do in the fifties with tape and scissors can now be done instantly while also playing an instrument to provide the source audio to be processed. The video was shot in New York while the cut-up performing technique of this saxophone goes back to Paris; both cities often associated with the Tenor Sax.

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Film music for Archtecture

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Swedish architecture bureau ORIGO arkitekter is using a specifically remixed track from my Stick Street album to enhance this corporate video presentation.

The instrument I recorded this music with is a Chapman Stick SG-12. More on that at

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Behold the “Stick Street” CD album!

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The physical “Stick Street” CDs just arrived from the pressing plant. I’m mostly selling them hand to hand when out street busking, but in case someone wants a CD for his/her collections it can be ordered from: (packages posted from Stockholm, Sweden)
and (packages posted from Portland, OR, USA).
Digital Download sales available at the normal online web shop sites.

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New production music showroom

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The latest production music album with AMG Scandinavia’s Adapt label is now available for streaming over Bandcamp. Production music for sync licensing is offering media producers a fast and reliant music solution. This album focuses on bringing the vibe of contemporary science and technology.

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Playing in London, Oct 2nd

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Please pop by if you’re around!
The Retro Venue, 50, Bosworth Road, London, W105EG

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Playing at North Sea Jazz 2012 and more

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Finally I am allowed to tell the news that we’re booked to play at the North Sea Jazz festival on July 8. The Erdem Helvacıoğlu and Per Boysen Duo has more than an hour to perform our live extension of the album Sub City 2064. I like the format of this duo, we’re picking the best parts of precise electronic sound design and healthy risk taking by improvisation as the music happens on stage. Click the link to check out the full artist line-up over the three festival days, there are many acts I’d love to see if I just had some time off! Right after our concert I hope I will get a chance to run over and see Wayne Shorter Quartet and Archie Shepp Quartet.

At NSJ in Rotterdam I will be playing the Grand Chapman Stick with electronics extension. That will happen on July 8 but much earlier than so another big thing is about to rock my world; I just got word from Japan that my new fretless electric harp guitar is about to ship! Designed by the the great Tim Donahue himself that has been playing this wonderful instrument since 1984. Myself, I ruined my first electric guitar in 1978 by defretting it in a clumsy way. Since then I have defretted two more guitars “clumsy but good enough” searching for that special sound I keep hearing in my head from my future self – hopelully I will get there soon. Finally I realized that a good fretless really has to be build from the ground up as a fretless and I tried to buy a Vigier Sufragette from France. Luckily they never answered my emails and it turned out I got a Stick instead and stayed with my old clumsily defretted fretless guitar wrecks. By playing the Chapman Stick for two years I learned how much more fun it can be to use both your hands independently. Playing two-handed opened up a lot of new musical inspiration, I became able to enter poly rhythm territories traditionally dominated by instruments like the piano, harp and drum kit. So when I heard that Tim Donahue is starting up manufacturing of his harp guitar I just had to get one! A really good fretless guitar for tapping plus six harp strings for plucking by the other hand, all in the same instrument and instantly playable!

A closed corporate Stick concert is coming up in late May and in June it’s time for the the Bleking Jazz & World Music Camp. I just finished the second post production media music album for AMG Scandinavia and will now put more time into mixing the second album with The Erdem Helvacıoğlu and Per Boysen Duo. BTW, the TogaMan GuitarViol Erdem plays is also a fantastic instrument. TogaMan and Stick is such a perfect sonic match!

Written a month later:
Well, since I mentioned the Tim Donahue Fretless Harp Guitar I’m deciding to go back and edit this post to throw in a recent home video I recorded directly as the guitar arrived:

Sub City 2064 – The Concert Trailer

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Erdem Helvacıoğlu and Per Boysen performs Sub City 2064 live in eight channel surround audio. An underwater epos and instrumental opera. Most scenes for this concert trailer were filmed at the Borusan Music House in Istanbul on Jan 7 2012. The concert’s duration exceeds an hour and is here cut down to 20 minutes with the surround audio converted to stereo.

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Live Stick video Y2KX+1 Festival, CA, USA

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A rough clip from my Oct 16 2011 concert at Santa Cruz International Live Looping Festival. Starting out with a basic sound-check I kept on improvising to make up a 9:00 minutes piece of music. SG12 Stick Guitar with Roland GR55 synth and my home-built “meta instrument” of interactive electronics.

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